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Human Resource Advisory and Management

We provide HR professional services that give practical advice to organisation in all aspects of human resources, employee relations, employee productivity, employment laws and people management.


PPIS Consulting provides services such as Executive search, Head hunting, reference checking and new Staff orientation.

Outsourcing and Contract Staff Management

Our outsourcing solutions can provide you skills and expertise without the expense of a full-time employee. We give our clients the opportunity to concentrate on growing their businesses as opposed to dealing with the everyday routine HR issues that can be overwhelming. We provide all categories and levels of staff  such as  HR officers, Personal Assistants, Confidential Secretaries, Office Assistants, Account Officers, Marketing Executives, Sales Officers, Store Assistants, Shop Consultants, Data Entry Clerks, Executives, Bulk Tellers, Cashiers, Admin Officers,  Customer care Executives, Receptionists, Factory workers,  Technician , Technical staff, Professional Drivers and Dispatch Riders to organizations.

Training and Manpower Development

Our consultants interact with organisations, conduct assessments and design training programs most suitable for their workforce to address demonstrated needs. We also design industry-specific programs, based on our client’s needs. We run both open programmes and implants.

Organisational Development Programmes

Our consultants develop Organisational Development Programmes to ensure continuous improvement of people in their organizations. We usually meet with our client to discuss and understand the specific needs in order to tailor the programme to their identified needs.

Other HR Projects

We offer Human Resource services in the areas of Staff Audit, Performance Management, Rewards and Compensation, Employee Satisfaction Survey, Organisational Restructuring and Business Process Re-engineering, Team Building Programmes amongst others.

Strategy Development

At PPIS Consulting, we believe that strategy formulation is a deliberate search for a plan of action that will develop a business’ competitive advantage and compound it. Our goal is to help organisations develop viable and competitive business strategies for their marketplace.

Project Management Services

We apply knowledge, skills and modern management techniques and systems in project execution to achieve predetermined objectives, focusing on scope, quality, time and cost to meet our clients’ satisfaction.


SMEs are regarded as the power house of any growing economy and a major contributor towards job creation in any sector of the economy. However, many of them die off during incubation (within the first two to five years after taking off). Human Resource problems are a major issue with all SMEs. Most SMEs cannot afford to set up and run a full HR department as a result of cost, experience, knowledge and skills required to run the department. At PPIS, we have a working relationship with a number of SMEs and this has contributed to our wealth of knowledge of the business environment and the peculiar challenges they face. We offer practical solutions to ensure effective smooth running of your business and achieve your business objective and goals. We assist in growing small and medium sized enterprises into efficient and effective firms by providing human resource advisory services on operational issues, assisting in the development and implementation of strategy and managing the organisation’s human capital (including recruitment of competent staff, performance management and disciplinary issues) amongst others. If required, our consultant could also setup an entire HR Department, which includes writing HR manuals and policies for our client company.